Grand Kingdom of Normark

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Grand Kingdom of Normark
Anthem: Adapted version of Ja, vi elsker landet
CapitalKonugsheim largest_city = Konugsheim
Official languagesNorwegian Bokmål, Finnish, Old English, Old Norse, Serbo-Croat
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
Establishment1 April 2010
• Census
CurrencySmall Commonwealth United Currency
Portal, Forum
This nation uses Micras for mapping and territorial purposes

The Grand Kingdom of Normark, or more commonly Normark, is a forum-based or model nation founded on April 2, 2010 by User:Einhorn. Normark itself is a Viking/Norse/Anglo-Saxon realm, borrowing its culture and themes from the Old Norse peoples of Scandinavia.

The Land

Normark holds no official land on the planet Earth, rather choosing to be a part of the thriving Micras sector of micronations. This has afforded Normark the ability to have a more realistic looking land mass and the ability to interact with other nations along the same lines. Normark itself is divided into feudal provinces, each represented by their respective feudal lord in Stortinget.


The government of Normark is a blend of a constitutional monarchy and an absolute monarchy. The Grand King defers his powers to other offices of government. In any situation, the Grand King has the authority to overrule any decision made by any office of government (lead by Magistrates) and to enact any law or writ without approval. However, this is a seldom event, with the Grand King rubber stamping most acts and writs. The constitution of the realm creates a legislative branch where nobles and Magistrates may debate and vote on bills of law and policies of government. However, the constitution limits what can be changed within the document itself.


Normark, for a simulationist nation, has one of the more progressive economies in the Micran sector. With extensive tax and property laws, activity bounties and most recently globalization. With Normark's joining of the Small Commonwealth United Economy and the integration if it's forum based currency into the global SCUE software, Normark has joined a global economy while also maintaining a high degree if internal economic autonomy.


In-simulation, Normark consists of predominantly Northern Germanic peoples. However there do exist other ethnic groups with Normark including Anglo-Saxon, Finnic and Slavic, situated in the east, central and southern regions of Normark respectively.


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