Grand Duchy of the Lagoan Isles

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The Grand Duchy of the Lagoan Isles is a micronation located in Portsmouth, England. It was established on 16 August 2005. It was established by school teacher Louis Robert Harold Stephens, who proclaims himself as Grand Duke Louis. He founded the nation as a class project, and claims the territory Baffins Pond, in Portsmouth, along with the three tiny islands located within the pond.


Records of Baffins Farm (including the pond) date back to 1194. Since then it has changed hands several times. In the 19th century it was used by local farmers, and in 1912 it became a public park. In 1938 it was saved from demolition, and sold to the City of Portsmouth. Stephens established the Grand Duchy's putative claim to the pond islands on 16 August 2005, after noticing that they were not specifically mentioned in the 1938 land sale contract. He subsequently sent a letter announcing his claim to Portsmouth council, and released a series of banknotes with an ornithological theme.

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