Government of Alaurentia

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The Government of Alaurentia is the structure that manages and administrates the model nation of Alaurentia. The government is regulated by the Constitution of Alaurentia.

Government of Alaurentia
Le gouvernement d'Alaurentia
Flag of Alaurentia
FormationJune 9, 2019
Legislative branch
LegislatureThe House of Representives
Executive branch
Presidentthe Dragon of Alaurentia


During the foundation of Alaurentia, the government was originally composed of the President alone, but on 9 June 2019, the Official Announcement 3 (OA3) decreed the adoption of the Constitution, as per the people's will. Drafted by the citizens, and voted upon by the citizens, the Constitution describes the rights of Alaurentians, the structure of the government system, and the limitations of the government.


The President is tasked with managing the community of Alaurentia. The Constitution specifically restricts the President from acting in a manner that may be detrimental to the community. As such, the President must act in a democratic manner, submitting motions for the approval of the people, or managing motions submitted (and supported) by the people.

The current president is the Dragon of Alaurentia, until the next election period, in September 2024.


Alaurentia has 12 Ministries, the Ministry of Statehood, which is headed by the President that Ministries job is to regulate states joining Alaurentia. the Minster of Foreign Affairs, formerly headed by Eoin O'Neill who resigned due to a deallocate diplomatic mission that ministry is in charge of Foreign Affairs. the Ministry of Security, who is headed by an Alaurentian Politician using the name Dragon348 the job of that ministry is to protect, defend and preserve Alaurentia's interests. the Ministry of Administrative Affairs, headed by Eoin O'Neill, the job of that Ministry is to increase communication between the different Ministers and the Ministry of Media, headed by Mélodie Rivers.

The Ministries of Justice, Resources, Economy, Knowledge, Conservation and Citizenship do not have Minsters but the Dragon of Alaurentia has been active on the Ministry of Conservation and a Alaurentia Teacher known as Shen has been active on the Ministry of Economy.

Each Minster is elected by the people and serve a term of Five Years.

House of Representives

The House of Representives is a Ministry level organisation that is the closest Alaurentia has to a Legislature.

The House is made up of Representives and the Vice-President (who has to be a Representive prior to appointment) who acts as President of the House.

The House's main power is amending the constitution.