Gom City

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Gom City
Gom Flag.jpg

Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentMartial Rule
Area claimed5 acres
Time zoneUTC
Gom City was never run as an indipendant state, even if it functioned like one.

Gom City was a territorial micronation in the United Kingdom. Established in 2007, the nation prospered until 2009 when one of the three co-leaders moved away and the other two had a massive bust up. The city was under martial law from its inception to its demise, although all intra-national disputes were solved on the football field. Throughout its existence there were around thirty resident citizens, and at its height Gom City had at least fifteen citizens who were interested in the nation's progress and helped to keep it afloat. Unusually, the micronation never had any illusions about being independent or of entering into foreign relations.


The unusual name of Gom City originated from the initials of the three founding citizens.



Gom City was founded when three best friends lived on the same street. The city was originally run on the popular computer game The Sims 2, but this was not enough for them. They decided to run their street and its surroundoings as if it was a city of their own. They declared the capital as High House, the building in which the city was founded.

Smooth Running

The city ran smoothly for two years. Martial rule was strict but not invasive and for a long time there was peace in the city. There was only one occasion when any conflict occurred; one of the three founding members had decided that he wanted more power, and tried to overthrow the regime. He, with the help of three colleagues seiged High House. The government responded with a harsh but fair counter-attack on the rebels, which resulted in them each being held hostage. They were then interviewed individually as to whether they wanted to become/stay citizens or to be banished from the city. All but one of the rebels declared alleigance to the government, and no harm done.


Gom City collapsed in July 2009 when one of the original founding members moved away. He lost contact with the group rather than claiming further territory as agreed. When it was clear that he would not be part of the continuing city, the remaining two leaders quarrelled over who would take over the departee's power. It was impossible to rediscover the efficiency that had been the staple of the nation, it was mutually agreed to fold the nation.

Government, Politics, Law & Order

Martial law in Gom Cty was absoloute. It was actually a dictatorship, because the three founders had absoloute power over the area. They allowed others to have something approaching a say, but not a vote. Thay had ultimate power over everything that went on. Paradoxically, Gom City was actually a pacifist nation and never once attacked without being attacked first. Because they were not indipendent, all lawkeeping fell under the jurisdiction of Thames Valley Police. Gom City had a strict policy of not opening foreign relations with other micronations.

Geography and climate

A map of the most important area of Gom City

Gom City was a small stronghold, consisting of slightly more than an acre. Also defended by the Gom City Military were the two fields of more than an acre each. In total, the territory that was overseen by the regime was roughly five acres. The territory backed onto a river, and was very flat. The closest field was occasionally on a flood plane, but mostly they were both elevated enough to avoid any damage. The climate was temperate and pleasant, but there was heavy rainfall in every summer that the city stood through. Typically, as soon as the city fell, there have been warm summers ever since.


The Gom City economy was based entirely on bartering, with no money actually changing hands at all.


There was a tribal culture in Gom City, with four main tribes of around three people each. The four tribes were:

  • Stagers: The original founders of the nation, and the most powerful of the tribes.
  • Seniors: The tribe with the oldest age-range and who tried to take over the nation.
  • Nomads: The tribe of non-residents who were sympathetic to the cause of Gom City.
  • Runners: A bunch of sporty midgets, the most facourable to football.

As a way of avoiding any tribal conflicts, an engenious system was introduced wherby any conflicts would be resolved with a three-on-three football match. This system worked well on all occasions except one, when the Seniors attempted to overpower the government. Fortunately, the other tribes were able to put aside their differences and unite in support of the government to overpower the rebels.

Martin I of Zephyr

This micronation was Martin I of Zephyr's first foray into micronationalism. It was quite a learning curve as no-one in the city had any experience in micronationalism until that point.