Gold Party (Gasconade)

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Gold Party (Gasconade)
LeaderAntonio Fernandez
Founded21 February 2022
Membership (2022)1
IdeologyBauwer nationalism,
Soft Nativism,
Minority rights,
Political positionCenter-right
Folkmoot of Gasconade
0 / 3

The Gold Party (Bauwer: Golt Parti; Anglish: Gold Fold) is a center-right political party in the Meanwealth of Gasconade. It's been described by some as center-right. The party endorses nationalism, anti-corruption, minority rights, anti-communism, and conservative social democracy.


The Gold Party was established on 21 February 2022, in the lead up to elections. Its leader is Antonio Fernandez


  • Expanding political/worker/environmental rights
  • A more just government.
  • Development of Luso/Catholic traditions in Gasconade
  • Strengthening immigration for groups that directly conflict with our values
  • Maintaining the Anti-Capitalist/Marxist stronghold.
  • Expanding Bauwer
  • Making Luso-Bauwer Creiolo and official language of Gasconade.