Glagolithic Empire

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Glagolithic Empire
Glagoljsko Carstvo
(Glagolithic Croatian)

Croatianflag.png FlagCrocoatofarms.png Coat of arms

"Faith, family, homeland!"
National anthem of Glagolia
Glagolia is located near Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia which is shown in the picture

Capital cityMyslite
Largest cityMyslite
Official language(s)Croatian
Official religion(s)Christianity
- GeneralAnonymus
- EmperorLex IV.
Area claimed1km²
CurrencyGlagolithic Kuna
National sportFootball
National animalWolf
Patron saintSt. Luke
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

Government website

The nation of Glagolia, officialy Glagolithic Empire  was founded on 12 May 2013. It was founded to preserve the culture of ancient Croats. Glagolia is a sovereign and independent country surrounded by territory of Croatia .


Glagolithic aplhabet (Glagolitsa)

. The name originates from Glagolitsa , an ancient Croatian alphabet. The alphabet was introduced in the IX century A.D. and it was used mainly for Slavic Christian masses.


First recorded apperance of Croats(Glagols) is at the beggining of 7th century A. D. The second most important event is introduction of Glagolihic alphabet in 9th century A.D. The history of the neo-glagols is still in making.

Government & Politics

The supreme ruler of the country is the Emperor. He is the head of the Trinity and has two officials to complete the Trinity. The hierarchy goes: 1. Emperor 2. Generals. The Trinity has the complete control of everything inside the borders of the empire. Like the Trinity has control over the empire the Emperor has the control over his Generals.

Law & Order

Most of the things in the control of the Glagolia are divided into a Trinity. So is the Law & Order. It is divided into:

  • Police
  • Agencies
  • Military

The military is the least important because of the peaecful nature of the nation. Agencies can be useful for anti-terrorist and similar causes to prevent violence and wars. Currently, the most important link in the chain of Law & Order, Police. Police is the institution responsible for peace and stability inside the nation.

Foreign Relations

Glagolia is not inside of an alliance but is open to most of diplomatic discussions or rather negotiations. Glagolia is a member of:

Flag Organization Joined Members Headquarters Officaial lanuage Status
Flag of EUM © European union of Micronations 13/05/2013 11 Madrid English Active member
Flag of ML © Monarchist League - 13 New Prague English In the process of joining


Military is the least important institution in the nation. The nation's politics are oriented towards peace and prosperity not war and barbarism.

Geography & Climate

The picture shows the national animal of Glagolia, the wolf.

Most of Glagolia has a moderately warm and rainy continental climate as defined by the Köppen climate classification. Mean monthly temperature ranges between −11 °C (in January) and 37 °C (in July).

The picture shows the location of Glagolia inside of Croatian territory.


Glagolia currently has no imports or exports. Everything the nation needs can be found inside Glagolithic territory or bought in national markets. Currency used in the nation is Glagolithic Kuna