Georgia (Arlberg)

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Georgia (official: Georgie) is the northernmost state of Arlberg. Known for Vesper, its capital, and the catchy Vegas motto What Happens Here Stays Here which was adopted as the commercial motto in 2004, Georgia is the second most populous state in the union. The postal code for Georgia is GEO.


Because of its incomplete road system, Savannahport is accessible only by way of Shinnihon and Dave's Monastery through Amothos.

Electoral College

A decrease in Georgia's population meant that on 10 November 2005, Georgia officially lost one electoral vote. Georgia is now the second largest state in Arlberg, next to Shinnihon.


Emperor Stryker Labour
Empress Head Liberty

Past Empis

Emperor Fogg Undeclared
Empress Fogg-Chadbourne Undeclared
Married on 19 October 2005, at Linderhoff Estate.