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Main Building Gardehusen
Main Building Gardehusen
Flag of Gardehus
Coat of arms of Gardehus
Coat of arms
Latin: "Caput Civitatis"
English: "The capital of the state"
Sirland districts by numbering      1 Gardehus      2 Darlin      3 Strelhof
Sirland districts by numbering
     1 Gardehus
     2 Darlin
     3 Strelhof
Country Sirland
Established11.October. 1997
Declared as Capital District17. August 2016
Administrative centerGardehusen (Garden Government)
 • Total3
Time zoneCET +1

Gardehus is the capital city and capital district with the seat of government in the Garden Republic of Sirland and is assigned the district number 1. The both districts Darlin and Strelhof are administered by the Garden Government from the capital district Gardehus. In a white main building called Gardehusen. The name Gardehusen is used for the city name Gardehus.


afterall, the mainbuilding of Garden Republic of Sirland is a garden bungalow from 1963 during the gdr era. of the founding of sirland is this garden bungalow now a main building of the garden government and parliament of sirland.


Gardehus has the largest Garden area and located in the southern and westernmost part of Sirland, bordering Darlin and the state border of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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