Freestate of Ravenstein

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Freestate Land of Ravenstein
Coat of arms
Anthem: Anthem of Ravenstein
File:Municipality of Oss, North Brabant, the Netherlands
and largest city
Oss, North-Brabant, the Netherlands
Official languagesDutch, Brabants
GovernmentDe Landsraad (The Land Council)
• (as of 2017 census) census
CurrencyEuro (de facto)
Time zone(UTC+1)

The Freestate Land of Ravenstijn (Dutch: Vrijstaat Land van Ravestein) is a micronation in The Netherlands and it's territory consists of the municipality of Oss, including the town of Ravenstein. It is a continuation of the historical Land of Ravenstein (1360–1798) wich was ruled by the Duke of Cleves. Because of the abscence of a duke (or a duchy) of Cleves the Land of Ravenstein is currently a Freestate (Vrijstaat) ruled by the Land Council (Landsraad), consisting of the mayors (Dutch: Schouten) of the towns in the Land of Ravenstein. The Freestate declared it's independence from the Netherlands on 7 July 2017 (since then the National Holiday).

The reason for the Freestate to declare independence is to promote tourism and history in the town of Ravenstein and the municipality of Oss. Despite the playful attitude of the Freestate it's independece is serious and a visa needs to be obtained to visit.