Frederick Yoon

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Frederick I
His Royal Majesty,
the King of New Aquilia.
King of New Aquilia
Reign 01 May 2021 - present
Throne established
King of Borsia
Reign 16 February 2018 - 17 April 2018
House Aquilia Royal Palace
Born 0 February 2004 (2004-02-00) (age 17)
Seoul, Korea Flag of South Korea.svg
Occupation Landlord, Student
Religion Roman Catholicism

Frederick Yoon, commonly known as Frederick, (born ○ February 2004) is an Kingdom of New Aquilia statesman and de facto dictator, having near complete control over the New Aquilia since its creation in 2021.

In April 2021, the newly acquired title of King is 'Frederick I'.

Personal life

Fredrick was born in Seoul on ○ February 2004.

Frederick Yoon currently lives and attends high school in Gyeryong, a city in the central region of Korea.

New Aquilia runs alongside his academic life, and the now year(2021) he is in second grade in high school, his academic life can make the country difficult to run.

Also, since my parents oppose micronation activities, it is difficult to do activities, but Frederick Yoon has been firmly maintained to this day.

His goal is to go to a good university in Korea and build an island country with profits through business.

After graduating from college, he will begin preparing for immigration.


Frederick Yoon first encountered Micronation in 2018.

After first encountering "Principality of Sealand" through a Korean TV program, I first dreamed of becoming my own free island country.

Thus, the first country to be founded is "Kingdom of Borsia". The Kingdom of Borsia was run by employees of a private private company he had run in 2017, but it didn't go well.

Since then, the national system has been changed about 30 times to the present.

Kingdom of New Aquilia is no longer changing and will continue with the vision for 2023.