Francis, Baron of Valied

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Francisco Nicolás de Leguizamón
Francisco's Coat of Arms
Count of Carlville
In office
Predecessor Position established
Successor None
Ambassador of Odieval to Lanevinia
In office
20 January 2023-
Predecessor Position established
Successor None
Baron of Carlville
in office
11 February 2023
Predecessor Position established
Successor None
Personal information
Born 7 June
Citizenship Argentine, Odievalese
Residence Barony of Latero
Occupation Student at the RCMO, Soldier
Religion Catholic
Military service
Nickname(s) Francis, Wiki, Elvasku
Allegiance Marquisate de Odieval
Service/branch Royal Odievalese Army
In service 2022-Present
Rank Sergeant
Unit 1st Infantry Batallion Guard of Latero
Battles/wars Skirmish of "La Plaza"
Awards Order of Military Honour and Service

Francisco Nicolás de Leguizamón (Buenos Aires, 7 June) is a micronationalist, nobleman and soldier from Odieval. He participated on the Independence of Odieval, and also on the conquest of the corridor that connects his street to his home. He was the CEO of the OBC (Odieval Brodcasting Corporation) and its the current President and editor of Odiario.

Personal life

He was born in Buenos Aires, on the 7th of june. In 2016 he discovered the micronations and he made his first micronation "Prada" where he was the "General Secretary of the Nation".

After the dissolution of Prada, he left the micronations until 2022, when he joined Odieval.

Macronational Life

His macronational life is the normal life of a student.

In his previous school, he was voted for Vice-President. After the resignation of the President, he was named "Provisional President" by the Student's Council, before leaving this school he called for elections.

Military career

He started his military career the 11 february 2022, he was ranked up to Lieutenant-Captain and he commands the l Guard of Latero Regiment. Previously to starting his Military Career in Odieval he had advanced knowledge of weapons and military tactics.

He tested himself the 14 february 2022 when he was in a military training, the Federation of Important Boludos sent a group of 2 soldiers to attack, however, there was no resistance and they surrendered quickly.

In july, he was demoted to NCO following the new ranking system in the Royal Odievalese Army.

He is now studying at the RCMO (Real Colegio Militar de Odieval, or in english, Royal Military College of Odieval)

Micronational career

He as Baron of Latero, decreed the coat of arms and official languages to be Spanish, English, Euskera and Latin

During his reign as Baron, he conquered the corridor that connects the street to his home, achieving the first territorial expansion of Odieval.

In 18 May 2022, he changed the name of the barony from Valied to Latero. In early 2023, he changed the name again to Carlville.

The 9th of june, the Marquess quit the throne and the People's Republic of Odieval was proclaimed, after that, he declared independence from Odieval,[1] He said it was temporary until the monarchy is restored and civil war started, almost a month later, the 26th of june he declared loyalty to Juan I of Bataller after the militarist faction declared themselves victorious.

The 22nd of september, he annexed the "Parque Municipal de Lomas de Zamora" and "Parque Finky" to the "Barony of Dos Plazas" becoming the first count of Odieval.[2]

He was designed as Embassador to Lanevinia the 20 January 2023.

Titles and styles

Count of Latero - "Don" (Sir)

Head of the House of Leguizamón