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Republic of Foxland

Foxland republic.png
Coat of Arms of Foxland.png
Coat of Arms

The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Foxland
No Current Anthem
Capital cityBlumalo
Largest cityBlumalo
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentPresidential republic (de jure)
Dictatorship (de facto)
- Prime MiniserBlake L.
- Prime MinisterBlake L.
- Secretary of StateBlake L.
LegislatureNational Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
Established3 June 2018
Disestablished2 February 2019
Area claimed3200 Square Feet
CurrencyCanadian Dollar, Foxcoin
Time zoneEastern Daylight Time
National drinkRed Wine
National animalRed Fox

Foxland, officially the Republic of Foxland was founded on 3 June 2018, when Blake L. declared himself Prime Minister of the Republic of Foxland. At the time however, Foxland showed no signs of a Republic, only declaring it's self as one.

Foxland, founded in June 2018 was active for a short period which lasted until 2019, when Prime Minister Blake was overthrown by a rebel group, leading to the eventual disestablishment of Foxland. Blake took control of the nation for less than a year, undergoing different transitions to several different governments, most notably a People's Republic in mid 2018 until the beginning of 2019, where it took on a "Republic" government until its disestablishment.

Foxland had referred to itself as a "independent nation" since it's establishment, although never sent a letter declaring their independence to any known government.


Early Years of the Republic

During the period of Foxland's initial founding, not much of note was done other than the establishment of the nation. Blake had originally proposed to his brother that he be the monarch of the nation, but his brother refused. After that, Blake mainly focused on establishing borders and creating a flag. The original flag of Foxland consisted of four red and black squares, along with a green four leaf clover in the center. The story behind the clover is because one day Blake found a four leaf clover in his front yard. Needless to say, the tricolour flag is much better than the original.


Foxland had a very big issue with Mexican immigrants. It eventually led to the establishment of Reubicación on the 6th of July, 2018. The Reubicación was system where Foxland had a whole sector of the nation intended for housing immigrants, mostly notably from Mexico. As bad as it sounded, there were actually a very small ammount of Mexican-Foxlandics, reaching a high of 2 immigrants, both from Mexico.

The Reubicación was disestablished in late 2018 upon the beginning of the Foxlandic Civil War

Space Programs

The Foxlandic Space Agency was Foxland's attempt at space travel. However, it being incredibly low budget and the least of the Prime Minister's concerns at the time, caused it to be a massive failure. A total of 2 rockets were launched (both fireworks), one of which failed. It also didn't help since everyone assigned to work on the project never contributed anything themselves. It may have just been an excuse to make another flag.

The People's Republic of Foxland

The People's Republic of Foxland was a temporary state which lasted from the 2nd of July to the 30th of December, in which Foxland switched from it's "Republican" government to a Socialist assembly. The assembly consisted of just Blake however. Not much of note happened during the People's Republic of Foxland time period, but it did contribute putting an end to the Foxlandic War on Immigration.

The Foxlandic Civil War

Following the Foxlandic War on Immigration, Foxland entered a period of great unrest, leading to the Foxlandic Civil War. In the civil war, where there were three sides, the Dissolutinaries, who wanted to disestablish Foxland, the Oligarchical Foxland, which intended to establish a council to rule Foxland, and the Loyalists, who were loyal to Blake L. and wanted to restore the government. The Loyalists supported both the People's Republic of Foxland, and the Republic of Foxland, as they were under the same leader. In the end, to Dissolutinaries won the conflict, and Foxland was no more.


One of Foxland's most notable sights was the Foxlandic River, a stream which rested on part of the Foxlandic border with Canada. Often this river would flood, covering parts of the road, and even the bridge which allowed you to cross over the river.

Environment and Geography

Foxland was placed on a relatively grassy hill going upwards, which when it rained would allow water to flow down it, into the Foxlandic River (which lead to flooding). To the east of Foxland was a forest, which was and still is controlled by Canada. Not much else can be said about the environment and geography of Foxland.

Foxlandic Holidays

National Day of the One Eyed Fox

The National Day of the One Eyed Fox was a holiday and festival in the Republic of Foxland, in which citizens gathered to celebrate the discovery of the one eyed fox. The holiday originates from Foxlandic folklore. The story goes along the lines of one day a man by the name of Wilbert Mcfroy was exploring the forest east of Foxland in Canadian territory, where he claims he saw a one-eyed fox. Mcfroy was known for having some mental issues, and he could've been making it up for attention. Regardless, the National Day of the One Eyed Fox was a holiday celebrated yearly on the 3rd of October in Foxland. The festivity consisted of the family's in Foxland preparing large meals, often consisting of turkey and corn.