South Fox Island dispute

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Fox Islands
Disputed islands
South Fox Islands as seen from above
LocationLake Michigan
Coordinates45°24′52″N 85°50′50″W / 45.4144°N 85.8472°W / 45.4144; -85.8472
Total islands2
Area17.2 km2 (7 sq mi)
Highest point
  • 176 m (577 ft)
Administered by
United States of America
Claimed by
Fox Islander
Population0 or 20 (debated)

The southern island of the Fox Islands was formerly claimed by both Paloma and Baustralia. After Aidan McGrath, the President of Paloma, gave the islands to both John of Baustralia and Jackson I of Kapreburg, they split the territory by island. Kapreburg took claim on the north island as the Colony of North Fox Island, and Baustralia in the south as the Colony of the Fox Islands, as described in the 2020 Treaty of Concord.

After this treaty, Paloma had kept their claim on the south island, also claimed by Baustralia. In late 2021, the Supreme Paloman officially claimed all non-private land on South Fox Island and declared it as the unincorporated and unorganized territory of Isla Fox del Sur. The Baustralian colony was dissolved in late 2022.

Former Baustralian claim

Though the name implies claim of both islands, they claimed only the south island. Baustralia had claimed both islands from 2018 to 2019 as the Dominion of Fox Islands, before it was given to the Kingdom of Quebec, a predecessor state of Paloma. According to the Treaty of Concord signed in 2020, Baustralia laid claim on the south island, after it was given to Kapreburg by Paloma, and partitioned with Baustralia.

During this period of claim, two Acts of Parliament were passed regarding the Colony and one peerage was established thereon, in the town of Davidson. The King of Baustralia granted assent to a flag for the Fox Islands, and a coat of arms. Interestingly, the President of Paloma served as Lord Governor of Fox Islands in the House of Lords as the Baron Davidson.

Paloman claim

Paloma has held a de facto claim on South Fox Island since the foundation of the State in 2019. In late 2021, the Supreme Paloman passed the Isla Fox del Sur Act establishing Isla Fox del Sur. According to this Act, the territory's claims are that of all public lands on the island.