Fox Islands (territory)

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Fox Islands
Disputed islands
South Fox Island.jpg
South Fox Islands as seen from above
LocationLake Michigan
Total islands2
Area17.2 km2 (7 sq mi)
Highest point
  • 176 m (577 ft)
Administered by
United States of America
Claimed by
 Fox Islands and  Kapreburg
Fox Islander
Population0 or 20 (debated)[1][n 1]

Fox Islands are a group of islands in the Lake Michigan. The islands are a subject of sovereignty after the King of Baustralia repealed a royal order giving up most of his land. Upon giving back this land, the Ikonian Colony of Astrax, and the Catholique Fox Island Territory claimed this land. Later, the King of Baustralia revoked the order, effectively reclaiming all the land.

Since this, Astrax and the Dominion of Fox Islands was dissolved, and the land was ceded to the Quebecois. After McGrath gave the islands to both John I of Baustralia and Jack Morris who split the lands by islands in the 2020 Treaty of Concord, there exists a claim dispute between the United States, Paloma, and Baustralia and Kapreburg.


  1. 0 According to US and Baustralian sources. According to the Republic of Quebec, this number is 20.


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