Foreign involvement in the New European Civil War

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The New European Civil War has a number of non-New European citizens participating in combat and advisory positions. Foreign governments contributed varying amounts of financial assistance and military aid to Loyalist forces led by Captain Alan Soltau and those fighting on behalf of the Empire of New Europe.

Acts of embargo

From the beginning many nations who had any knowledge of New Europe at all, heard the situation and instantly cut ties to them. The most prominant embargo was issued by the Kingdom of Coleraine. It was known as the 2009 Act of Embargo. Which effectively cut all trade and border crossings between Coleraine and New Europe.


Ohio Empire

The Ohio got involved in the war against its own will. Fascist leaders felt Ohio was weak and to inactive to be recognised and so invaded to geographically unite its front lines. Ohio managed to throw the Fascists out.

Attempt to bring in Coleraine

Loyalist forces wanted the Kingdom of Coleraine to invade New Europe from the west as an effort to end the war sooner by capturing the capital city. But the Loyalist simply want to restore the empire and monarchy the way it was, with out any fascist influence. And Coleraine wanted certain things for its contributions. It wanted the Free State of Iowa to pass under their rule, the abolition of all fascism and fascist sponcered institutions, Improved rights and protection to Roman Catholics, a fair trial for the fascist leaders by an unbiased jury, and finally the demilitarisation of New Europe.

Loyalist leaders found the terms humiliating and insulting, and even considered using Catholics as hostages. But they ended simplying thinking nothing of it and returned to the negotiating table.

On the night of 27 November 2009, the Colerainic Parliament voted to declare war on the fascist government. An official declaration was sent to said government.

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