Foreign Relations of Juniperia

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Juniperia has a long history of engaging with other nations diplomatically.

Republican Era

The diplomatic era's diplomatic practices and policies were underlines by those of the Juniperian People's Democratic Front (JPDU), Juniperian unity Front (JUF) and the Juniperian People's Alliance (JPA), all ruling parties of the nation. In the beginning the nation had a hegemonic outlook, spearheading OCTO, supposedly to counter growing Gaplan influence in the region of Irvine. This process succeeded, starting new micronational initiatives and pushing Juniperia as a micronational power, during the time, many Gaplan expatriates emigrated to Juniperia.

Late Republican/Postwar

After the Gapla-Juniperian war ended in a de-jure draw, many Juniperian officials called for a full-on resistance against Gapla, and called out Silas Wurnbash, Iesan Jean and others for their "weak" response to the war. Nonetheless, a cold-war situation continued.

Azadi and Idiocia

Azadi and Idiocia were two nations that Juniperia aided during the war, prewar and, post-war times. Idiocia was originally a near-absolute dictatorship, ruled by Etháin Yué and received