Flags of Ulaidh Thair Nhua

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National flag Coleraine flag.png
War ensign Ensign.jpg
Flag adopted 26 July 2009

The flag of the Coleraine is a solid flag of gold bearing the White Rose of Jacobitism, it's root being the Chi-Rho, the symbol of Christ. The flag was created in 2009 by King Seán III.


The colour gold represents the Roman Catholic Church, which it has been said is the true master in Coleraine. The white rose comes from the Jacobite White Cockade, the colour white itself has been used to symbolise numerous Catholic monarchies over the centuries including the Legitimist French monarchy, the House of Bourbon, and the British House of Stuart. The Chi-Rho in the centre of the rose symbolises Christ, the centre of all things.

Flags of Coleraine

Various Flags Used

<gallery widths="100px" heights="100px" perrow="5"> File:Double Eagle Flag.jpg|National Flag (January - April 2009) File:New Double Eagle Flag.jpg|National Flag (April - July 2009) File:Coleraine flag.png|National Flag (Present) File:Royal Seal of Seán III of Coleraine.gif|Royal Standard (April - July 2009) File:Ensign.jpg|Ensign of the Ministry of War (April 2009 – Present)