State Symbols of Burlington

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This article lists notable national symbols of the Socialist People's Republic of Burlington.


Flag of Burlington
See adjacent text.
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted December 24, 2018
Design A red flag with the golden hammer and sickle and a gold bordered red star in its upper canton the ornamental pattern at the hoist and a white thin stripe followed by a blue thick band on the bottom.

The four following flags below are historic and no longer in usage.

Government and other flags

Hoist ornament pattern

A decorative pattern is displayed on the hoist of the national flag. The pattern is derived from the local pine trees in Burlington. It is in similar intention to the pattern adorned by the Belarusian flag.

State Colors

  Strong Blue  - Symbol of Liberty

RGB - 3,147,200

Hex - #0393C8

  White  - Symbol of Rationality

RGB - 255,255,255


  Strong Red  - Symbol of Solidarity

RGB - 200,49,62

Hex - #C8313E

State Emblem

State Emblem of Burlington
SPRB State Emblem.png
ArmigerGovernment of the Socialist People's Republic of Burlington
AdoptedDecember 24, 2018
EscutcheonBaroque shield with hammer and sickle
SupportersPine boughs, stalks of rye
MottoWorkers of the world, unite!
Neither rashly nor timidly.
Other elementsRed star, rising sun, industrial and renewable energy backdrop
name "Socialist People's Republic of Burlington"

The four following coat of arms/emblems below are historic and no longer in usage.

National animal and tree

National anthem

The national anthem is I Vow to Thee, My Country. Listen to it on Youtube. There are no lyrics to the anthem.

Regional flags