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The Constitution of the Socialist People's Republic of Burlington is the fundamental law of Burlington. It was drafted and adopted by decree by the President of the League of Communists on December 27, 2018.



"CONSIDERING THE HISTORICAL FACT that the working people of Burlington, under the leadership of the Communist Party, overthrew the former class society based on exploitation, political oppression and national inequality by their struggle in the Socialist Revolution in order to found a community in which human labor and humanity will be delivered from exploitation and arbitrariness and each of the peoples of Burlington and all of them together will find conditions for free and comprehensive development; Aware that such changes have been brought about in the development of the material basis of the country and of socialist social relations as supersede the present Constitution; Desirous of consolidating these achievements and of securing conditions for the further development of socialist and democratic relations and for comprehensive progress and freedom of the people by uniform constitutionality; The League of Communists, as the supreme representative body of the working people and of all the peoples of Burlington, Establishes: THE CONSTITUTION OF THE SOCIALIST PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF BURLINGTON"

Chapter 1 - Introductory Provisions

Articles 1 to 5, this chapter manages the most fundamental variables for sovereign states. It sets the nature of the state, citizenship regulations etc.

Chapter 2 - Social-Economic Organization

Articles 6 to 11, this chapter manages all economic aspects of the state, labor and workers' self management.

Chapter 3 - The Freedoms, Rights and Duties of Persons and Citizen

Articles 12 to 32, this chapter manages all personal rights and responsibilities, including universal healthcare, rights to education and similar.

Chapter 2 - The Social-Economic System

Articles 33 to 39, this chapter manages all political aspects of the state and outlines the power of the presidency.

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