Flag of Starasia

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Flag of the Federal Kingdom of Starasia
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Flag of the Federal Kingdom of Starasia
Name Great Flag of Starasia
Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 16:9
Adopted 20 March 2021
Designed by King Tucker I

The flag of the Federal Kingdom of Starasia, also known as the Great Flag, is the official civil and state flag of Starasia. It was designed and adopted on 20 March 2021 by King Tucker I.


Starasia's flag consists of three horizontal bars of orange, blue, and white, from top to bottom.

The orange on the flag represents the happiness of the people of Starasia, the blue represents Starasian natural water, which is the biggest export out of Starasia, and the white stands for the purity of the monarch.

Official colours (2020)[1] Orange Blue White
Hex triplet #FFA250 #0000FF #FFFFFF
RGB 0, 165, 255 0, 0, 255 255, 255, 255

Flying Standards

Transcribed from the Flag Code of Starasia;

The Flag of Starasia shall therefore be hoisted between 45 and 90 degrees off of the ground.

When declared a mourning period by the King, the Starasian flag must be lowered to fly at half mast.

The flag of Starasia must never touch the ground. If this happens, the flag must be burned, with approval by the Government.

The flag of Starasia may not be blatantly destroyed or damaged. This is considered treason against the Federal Kingdom.

The flag may never be burned, except for being ceremonially burned in circumstances approved by the Government.