Flag of Jusin

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3rd Jusin Flag.svg
NameNational Flag of the Jusin Republic
UseNational flag
AdoptedJanuary 1, 2018 (1st version)
July 16, 2019 (3rd version, no major changes to design)
DesignBlue and brown background with three white strips, and the national emblem on top
DesignerMirdov Kron

The National Flag of the Jusin Republic has two parts: a blue and brown background with three white strips spanning across, and the national emblem on the middle. The background design was borrowed from the flag of the 'Great New Jusin Absolute Monarchy Federal Kingdom', designed by King Gun-woo Lee. There was two changes in the design so far, and both were small changes to the flag dimensions.


The blue or the light color in the background stands for the sky, and the brown corresponds as the earth, together representing the Earth as a whole.

The three white strips originally meant the original three citizens, or the 'fathers of Jusin'. However, it has now come to incorporate the meanings of the three government powers important for democracy, and three is also a traditional number in Korean culture. The color white represents peace and freedom.

Located in the center is the national emblem.


The original background design of the flag came from the design of the flag of the New Jusin Federation. It was designed by the Former president and King Gun-woo Lee. The blue-brown background had the same meaning as the flag used today.

Since the Jusin constitution claimed succession to the New Jusin Federation, the flag design was seen as worthy of borrowing. All the colors were retained, and the Jusin emblem was inserted in the center to make the new flag. The original flag had religious meanings from the catholic church, especially the cross in the middle.

Flag of the New Jusin Federation



Flag construction sheet

The width and height are in the ratio of 5 to 3. There are two sections on the flag, the 7 stripes in the background and the national emblem. The diameter of the emblem without the white border is half of the height.


Scheme Munsell CIE (x, y, Y) Pantone Hex triplet
White N 9.5 N/A N/A #FFFFFF
Blue 2.5PB 6.0/10 0.2012, 0.2338, 35.656 2995 Coated #23ABEE
Brown 2.5YR 3.0/8 0.5622, 0.3819, 6.489 1685 Coated #7D3007
Yellow 10.0Y 8.5/10 0.4234, 0.4893, 83.400 107 Coated #FDF02E
Orange 2.5YR 6.0/14 0.5352, 0.4008, 33.067 158 Coated #F37A1E