Emblem of Jusin

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National Emblem of the Jusin Republic
Jusin National Emblem.svg
ArmigerJusin Republic
AdoptedJanuary 1, 2019 (current)
SupportersMirdov Kron
Other elementsSymbol for Jusin in a orange circle

The National Emblem of the Jusin Republic consists of a yellow symbol representing Jusin in an orange circle.

The symbol in the center is derived from a symbol for 'micronation', in which the symbol is symmetric with both sides of the arrow intact. One side of the arrow has been cut off to change it into a 'J', which means Jusin.

The yellow represents endless progess and wealth, while the orange stands for the glory and prosperity of the micronation.

Symbol for micronation created by Mirdov Kron