First Grunkia-Canada Skirmish

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Grunkia-Canada Skirmish
Date9 February 2013
Outskirts of New Rome, Aurum
Result Canadian tactical victory
14 m2
Grunkia.png Grunkian Defence Force Flag of Canada.png Canadians
Commanders and leaders
Gunho Kim None
1 soldier, 1 mercenary 3 unarmed insurgents

The Grunkia-Canada skirmish was a short skirmish between the Grunkian Defence Force and three Canadian girls which took place on 9 February 2012 on the outskirts of New Rome.

The three girls were seen to enter Grunkian territory at around 19:34 PST. A Grunkian border guard and mercenary saw the three girls intrude, and immediately ambushed them, attacking them with rubber band guns and NERF equipment. The Canadians were driven back and trapped, but the tide turned in their favour when the Grunkian troops ran out of ammunition. With the girls holding their ammunition, the Grunkians surrendered, and the battle ended.