Grunkian Defence Force

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Grunkian Defence Force
Flag of the Grunkian Defence Force
Active April 7th, 2011 (foundation)
Country Federal Republic of Grunkia
Allegiance Federal Republic of Grunkia
Type Armed Forces of Grunkia
Role Combined Army, Navy and Airforce and Intelligence Agency
Size 14
Nickname Blueberries
Motto Defence, Glory, Grunkia
Equipment NERF Weapons, Airsoft, BB's
Engagements Battle of Fairview, Battle of Aurum, Battle of Gleneagles

The Grunkian Defence Force is the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Grunkia. The GDF specializes in defence, as confirmed by the name. It has fought 3 battles, with the Socialist Republic of Grunkia, which two of them were a loss, and one of them was a stalemate that lead to a cease-fire.



As specified in Grunkia's first website, "the President named the armed forces of Grunkia the Grunkian Defence Force because he wanted the armed forces to defend, not attack". The President of Grunkia, when he founded Grunkia to name the armed forces the "Grunkian Defence Force", and the name went under several changes over the years, to the Grunkian Army for a short while, but it was changed back to the GDF.


The Grunkian Defence Force participated in the Grunkian-New Jonesland War, the Grunko-Runic Empire War, Freyan Conflict, and the Grunkian Civil War. Most of these battles were located on the internet, and one resulted in a defeat, and three resulted in a peace treaty or stalemate.


  • To protect Grunkia, and its lands and people.
  • To bring freedom and democracy to Grunkia and any nation that wants it.