Dustin I, Prince of Permaria

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Dustin I
His Serene Highness
the Prince of Permaria
Official portrait.
Prince of Permaria
Reign 15 July 2022 - present
Predecessor Monarchy established
Duke of Glacia
Reign 15 July 2022 - present
Predecessor Monarchy established
Count of Errington
Reign 12 August 2021 - present
Predecessor Monarchy established
Full name
Dustin William Ó Gairbhith
House Ó Gairbhith
Born 22 October 1984 (1984-10-22) (age 38)
Canada Flag of Canada.svg
Occupation Businessman
Religion Celtic Christianity

Dustin I (Dustin William Ó Gairbhith; born 22 October 1984) is the founder and reigning Prince of Permaria, since 2022. He also bears the titles Duke of Glacia and Count of Errington.

Early life

Dustin Ó Gairbhith was born at Saint Joseph's General Hospital in Comox, British Columbia. The oldest of two children, he adopted a lifelong interest in history and medieval mythology at a young age. His father is of English and Irish ancestry and his mother of Danish, English and German descent. His paternal ancestors were members of the Dál Fiatach dynasty, who were the ancient rulers of the Gaelic over-kingdom of Ulaid (today Ulster) for most of its history. Ó Gairbhith graduated from Vancouver Island University (then known as Malaspina University-College) in 2007, where he majored in business. In 2019 he married, and his wife currently reigns alongside him as Princess consort of Permaria.

Micronational career

Ó Gairbhith has been involved in micronationalism to varying degrees since 2019. He founded the House of Ó Gairbhith in 2021 as a royal dynasty to lay claim to his property as hereditary lands and achieve his aims of building a functional nation-state. Eventually joined by several close family members, the foundation for a micronation began to take shape. Ó Gairbhith was also involved with the Confederation of Northern Territories where he briefly served as a Senator, as well as the Holy Canadian Empire where he rose to the rank of Prince-elector. The Principality of Permaria was officially founded on 15 July 2022, with Ó Gairbhith being crowned as its first monarch and declared Prince Regnant of Permaria by his peers.


Under the reign of Dustin I, the fledgling principality experienced rapid growth and development in its early days. Its initial population grew to 6 subjects, with 4 becoming ennobled. Several princely decrees were enacted for the glory of the nation, notably the the banning of communism and Scientology. Important trade agreements were signed to expand the Permarian economy, with agriculture quickly becoming its largest sector.

Titles, styles and honors

Princely styles of
Dustin I, Prince of Permaria
Princely monogram of Dustin I of Permaria.png
Reference styleHis Serene Highness
Spoken styleYour Serene Highness
Alternative styleSire

Alternative titles and styles

  • 15 July 2022 – present: His Serene Highness The Prince of Permaria

Full titles as Prince

"His Serene Highness Dustin the First, By the Grace of God, Prince of Permaria, Duke of Glacia, Count of Errington, Sovereign of the House of Ó Gairbhith"