Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd

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Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd
Coat of arms
Motto: We are one!
Anthem: We are one
CapitalNew Austin
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• President
Tanmay Pathak
• Vice-President
LegislaturePetrograd Parliament
• Census
CurrencyFSRP Rupees
WMA Credit
Time zoneUTC + 5:30

Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd is a micro nation in Asia it was started in 2010.It is operated by Tanmay pathak under constitutional monarchy rule. Petrograd is a German word its English translation is St.Petersburg.New Austin is the capital of Petrograd. Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd is ostensibly organized like ordinary micro nations, with laws, government institutions, and so on. Members are considered "citizens”. According to its web total membership ("population") has recently reached 90 peoples. It also has a parliament named” Petrograd” parliament. Petrograd comprises one house, one back yard, and one front yard it also has territory in two others houses which are commonwealth territories of Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd. All are in Agra. It also has claimed territories in Pacific Ocean, in Indian Ocean and some parts of world.


Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd was founded as a micro nation on febuaury 24, 2010 by Tanmay Pathak. After declaration of independence for their house in Agra. Tanmay named president and Radhika named Prime minister. Two subsequent declarations of independence were sent to home and its commonwealth territories, as no reply had been received from any of the previous declarations, on 13 October and 31 December 2011 respectively. On 2 February 2013 Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd finally finds its vice president named “Nitish Sharma”. He was elected by Petrograd parliament with maximum number of votes 20/20. He was proposed by Empire of Indianasia or Indianasia.


Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd operates under a constitutional monarchy, with an emperor as head of state and a prime minister as the head of government. Each town has a Town Council composed of its population, and elects a Representative - these Representatives from the legislature. The prime minister is elected through general elections, and two left-wing political parties exist.[1] In 2012 after these towns became commonwealth Territories Royal families of these towns rule these Towns. This led to the destruction of legislature of these towns and Petrograd. After this two left-wing parties were also dismissed. On September 2012 a Petrograd parliament is formed with constitutional monarchy. On 2 February the Petrograd parliament of twenty peoples selected “Nitish Sharma” as “Vice president” of country. On 2 February on parliament disuses to make two provinces in our including its claimed area. Finally they ended with that they make two new provinces Named “New Centos”, “Sandreas”and Munich district as a Federal district of the Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd. On 24 January 2013 Indianasia proposed to join Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd as a commonwealth territory or half member ship of Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd.

Growth of Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd

Tanmay maintained Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd throughout his Adolescence, which included publishing designing the nation's flag and emblem (which displays it’s the micro nation’s motto, “Truth will prevail"). During this time it’s only other family and members were about a 20 relatives and acquaintances. Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd claims its areas in Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean and some parts of world.

Growth in 2013

There an immigration of about 90 almost doubled its population and also an increase in area. This led to make two new Towns New Deckland and Wonton. Because of that the Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd parliament passes the laws to make two new provinces named New Centos and Sandreas. Hence New Centos Province has New Deckland and Wonton. Sandreas Province has all claimed areas of Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd. Munich district as a federal District.


The Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd has two commonwealth territories, one Federal district and two provinces. The three areas are Munich district has two towns in which New Austin is the capital of both district and micro nation. Other is Towton.Odhio and Cafeton are the commonwealth territories. Sandreas and New Centos are provinces. New Centos has two towns New Deckland and Wonton . Sandreas has all claimed territories. All are situated between Agra except Sandreas. All territories have humid climate because of Yamuna river.

National Holidays

Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd is a multicultural country hence it has many regional holidays but some holidays are recognized as national holidays. These are

Date English Name
24 -04 Formation Day or Declaration Day
Id ul milad
07-02 Gururavidas birthday
Maha shivratri
07-04 Mahavir jayanti
06-04 Good Friday
Buddha Purnima
Raksha Bandana
Id ul fitr
02-10 Mahatma Gandhi’s B’ day
Idul Zuha
Goverdhan Puja
Bhai Doj
28-11 Guru Nanak’s B’Day
25-12 Christmas


Post English Name
President Tanmay Pathak
Vice president Nitish Sharma
Military Commander Nitish Sharma
Military Supredent Commander Tanmay Pathak
Head of province New Centos Nitish Sharma
Head Province Sandreas Sudhir Singh
Head of federal District Munich Tanmay Pathak


Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd is a multicultural country hence It has many religions. In 2012 there 94% hindu,4%muslim,0.92%christians,0.04%jain.but on claimed data is not available. About its commonwealth territory Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd has two commonwealth territories. Which do not accept its full membership in Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd hence they are ruled by its own royal families. These two are Odhio and Cafeton. Because on 2012 they became commonwealth territories of The Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd.


In Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd has not soooo big military. It has Cyber soldiers and an army. Cyber soldiers are about 46 and Army has 4 soldiers. Cyber soldiers are used to play games like IGI 2, GTA games for their practice in their computer. O26 February 2013 FRSP decide to have two types of force 1: Petrograd National Police 2: Eagle Eyes

National Police

The National Police is the main police force of Petrograd. It is charged with the day to day enforcement of Law and order. It is an unarmed force, in line with the government's 'Policy of Peaceful existence'.

Independent Intelligence Service of Petrograd “Eagle Eyes”

The Eagle Eyes is the FRS Petrograd’s main Intelligence security agency. It is responsible for obtaining information has a duty to report intelligence to the Government for the purpose of national security. It is a fully independent intelligence agency, separate from FRSPP or Petrograd national police. Its employees are usually drawn from the world of IT.

National Anthem

We are one yo yo honey singh!
we we are yo yo honey singh !
I know you are rapper
i know your songs Chaska
Volume 1,3,2,9!
I know your songs
we are one yo yo honey singh !
YO YO HONEY SINGH We are one with you

Natural Disasters


Cyclone Fay

Cyclone Fay was an intense, late-season tropical cyclone which struck Western Petrograd during the 2012-13 Patrogradian region cyclone season. Forming from an area of low pressure on 12 March, Fay was the only Category 5 cyclone during the season. The system had a minimum pressure of 910 mbar (hPa; 26.87 inHg) and maximum sustained winds of 210 km/h (130 mph).[1] Moving towards the southwest and eventually towards the south, Fay gradually strengthened as it paralleled the northwestern coast of Petrograd, and made landfall on the North west petrograd coast on the morning of 27 March as a Category 4 cyclone. While no fatalities were reported, the cyclone brought record-breaking rainfall to Petrograd, which led to a sharp decrease in the country's gold output. The cyclone also caused minor damage in North west Petrograd region of Western Petrograd. In the spring of 2012, the Patrogradian Bureau of Meteorology retired the name Fay from use, and it will never be used again as a cyclone name.

Cyclone Glenda

Severe Tropical Cyclone Glenda (JTWC designation: 20S, also known as simply Cyclone Glenda) was among the strongest tropical cyclones to threaten North west Petrograd, though it weakened considerably before landfall and moved ashore in a lightly populated region. It began as a tropical low on 15 March in the Gulf of Petrograd. The precursor disturbance drifted over Top End and later across the northeastern portion of North west Petrograd, and after emerging into the Indian Ocean it strengthened into a tropical storm. Aided by favourable environmental conditions, Glenda rapidly intensified to reach Category 5 status on the Petrogradian cyclone scale, and with a peak intensity of 910 mbar it was among the strongest cyclones on record within the Petrograd region. On 30 March it moved ashore near Onslow as a Category 3 cyclone, and the next day it degenerated into a remnant tropical low over land. The precursor disturbance produced heavy rainfall in the New Austin region of North west Petrograd, causing record flooding and some road damage. Minor damage was reported at the final landfall of Glenda. Due to the sparse population and preparations made, the cyclone was not responsible for any deaths or injuries. However, its name was later retired from the list of tropical cyclone names.

List of cities

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Name of Town Name of Province
New Austin Munich District
Towton Munich District
New Deckland Centos
Wonton Centos
Odhio Commonwealth territory
Cafeton Commonwealth territory