Eucalyptus Party of Seybold

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Eucalyptus Party of Seybold
FounderMei-Lin Off
Founded26th September, 2018
HeadquartersNew Springfield, Federal District of New Springfield
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colorsGreen

The Eucalyptus Party of Seybold is the only Political Party of the Democratic Republic of Seybold to create its own Ideology, Offism.


EPS' symbol is a Green Eucalyptus Plant.

List of Party Presidents

Leader Image Previous position Took Office Left Office
Mei-Lin Off Meilingraceoffpicture.jpeg None 26 September


Seybold World Map Referendum

During the Seybold World Map Referendum, which is a referendum that is currently being held by the Seybold Department of Tourism to decide whether they would like to remove two micronations that the Democratic Republic of Seybold does not recognize anymore, the Kingdom of Auvenum and the Democratic Republic of Fort Dunkin from the Seybold World Map or not, the entirety of the Eucalyptus Party of Seybold voted to Keep the two micronations mention above on the map.