Ethan Anderson

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Ethan Anderson
1st Monarch of Eania
In office
June 2005 - October 28, 2010
Prime Minister Comrade Worthington
Predecessor Throne Established
Successor Empress Esther of Eania
Personal information
Citizenship Eanian
Nationality American

Ethan Anderson (formerly King Ethan of Eania) was the king and supreme power in the People's Republic of Eania until 28 October 2010. He had ruled over the micronation since the Eanian Revolution that earned its independence, although it was not until 24 April 2010 that he received full power as ruler from Prime Minister Worthington, whom he had appointed as regent in his place five years earlier.

Though Worthington resigned from the office of Prime Minister in July 2010, he remained on as an advisor to the King. However, the monarch's relations with Worthington's successor, Esther of Eania, were strained, as in September 2010 she accused him of high treason. After an investigation, he was deemed guilty in October, and Esther succeeded him as Empress.