Erusian State Credit

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Erusian state credit
Erusian state credit banknotes
PluralErusian state credits
BanknotesESC+100, ESC+200, ESC+500, ESC+1 000, ESC+2 000, ESC+5 000, ESC+10 000, ESC+25 000, ESC+50 000, ESC+100 000
CoinsESC+1, ESC+2, ESC+5, ESC+10, ESC+20, ESC+50
User(s)None, formerly:
Democratic People's Republic of Erusia
Central bankCentral People's Bank
Pegged withPound sterling
This infobox shows the latest status before this currency was rendered obsolete.
State Credit Banknotes were famous for being of a distinguished bad quality compared to other micronational currencies.

The Erusian State Credit (Symbol: ESC+), more commonly known as the Erusian Credit, was the official unit of currency used in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. The currency was implemented when Erusia was first created, though it never had practical usage within the Erusian state. When the Central People's Bank of Erusia delivered the findings of its economic study to the National People's Executive Committee it was expected that the currency would enter into practical usage. The Erusian State Credit had a fixed exchanged rate of ESC+10.00 to £1.00 (British Pound Sterling) that did not change when Erusia implemented its new economic system.

Denominations and Designs

The Erusian State Credit was available in coins in denominations of ESC+1.00, ESC+2.00, ESC+5.00, ESC+10.00, ESC+20.00 and ESC+50.00. Other denominations, ranging from ESC+100.00 to ESC+100,000.00, were available in the form of bank notes. All coins and bank notes featured some form of Socialist symbolism upon them, usually in the form of major Socialist leaders or symbols of the People's Republic. Controversially, the ESC+50,000.00 note had imagery relating to the Erusian National Communist Party upon it. According to the Central People's Bank this decision was made due to the huge role the Party played in founding the Erusian state and the constitutional significance of the Party's existence. When the ESC+5,000.00 bank note was designed, the phrase "Lenin Is Always With You" was added to the note as a tribute to the Russian revolutionary.


All available denominations are listed below with their former value in Erusian State Credits, British Sterling and the imagery featured on their coin/note.