Republic of Ernest

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Republic of Ernest

United Kingdom
Capital cityErnest
Official language(s)English
Short nameErnest
GovernmentConstitutional Ducal Republic
- Grand DukeSertor I
- PresidentPresident Iggy
LegislatureCouncil of Ministers
Established13th April 2020
Member state of the Grand Micronation Alliance

Official Discord Server

The Republic of Ernest, colloquially known as Ernest (ROE) is a micronational republican city state founded during early April 2020.


Ducal Period

The Republic of Ernest was founded by Grand Duke Sertor Valentinus on the 13th of April 2020 in order to establish a permanent settlement for roving parties of raider factions which had operated under a then similar ducal structure.

This period of Ernest was marked by absolute monarchy and relative peace, heavily contrasting with later periods of Ernestian history.

Republican Period

1st Republic

As the initial warlike peoples began to settle, the ducal government began granting powers to the role of president, forming the Ernest Republic.

This period was marked by intense instability and infighting. The second presidency of the Ernestian Republic led to the near destruction of the republic by a coup initiated by the Silver Nationalist Party, following several allegations of corruption, abuse of the legal system and negligence, resulting in the President being relieved of duty and stripped of citizenship.

This led to the former citizen leading an unrecognised nanostate, threatening numerous Ernestian Loyalists and Micronational Delegates, culminating in the Ernestian Civil Dispute, a well publicised event from the Ernestian Civil War. Though the courts initially sided with the rebel factions, the Grand Micronation Alliance decided to vote in favour of the republic.[1]

Civil War

2nd Republic

Following the civil war, the 2nd Ernestian Presidential Election took place, with Iggy Hockenheim becoming the 3rd Ernestian President. The former Ernestian breakaway state formally consolidated into the Republic of Daravied[2] following the signing of the Holstein Plan. On the 7th of June, a union between the Elba Empire, Ernest and the Republic of Daravied was established.


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