Ensign of the Guard (Wellmoore)

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The Ensign of the Guard is a military officer charged with bearing their regiment's ensign during the Trooping of the Colour to celebrate the Monarch of Wellmoore's birthday.

Ensign of the Guard
Alferes da Guarda
Guards Division
StyleSir/Ma'am (to Enlistees)
[rank] (to more Senior Officers)
TypeMilitary Officer
Member ofGuards Division
AppointerRegiment Parading Colour
based on the Most Junior Commissioned Officer
Formation16th of March 2020


The Ensign of the Guard is the most junior commissioned officer in the foot guard regiment in the Wellmoorean Army appointed to troop their colour for the monarch's birthday each year.


The role of Ensign of the Guard is to parade his or her regiment's ensign in front of the reigning King or Queen of Wellmoore on their birthday.

This role involves being able to perform immaculate drill and to represent their regiment.

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