Guards Division (Wellmoore)

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The Guards Division (Divisão de Guardas) is the administrative unit of The Wellmoorean Army responsible for the training and administration of the five regiments of foot.


The Guards Division was founded on the 16th of March 2020, with the foundation of the 5 Guards Regiments of Wellmoore.

Telling Regiments Apart

Regiment Plume Plume Colour Button Spacing Collar Badge Shoulder Badge
Grenadier Guards of Wellmoore Left White Singly Grenade Royal Cypher
Coldstream Guards of Wellmoore Right Red Pairs Star
Apsion Guards None None Threes Thistle Thistle Star
Oxhall Guards Right Blue Fours Shamrock
Fairwood Guards Left White-Green-White Fives Leek Leek

Affiliated Sub-Units

  • Guards Parachute Platoon

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