Empress of Obelia Lorraine Kingdom

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Queen Obelia Lorraine is the head of the Obelia Lorraine Kingdom. The monarchy passes the throne according to the order of succession; there is a parliamentary system to work for her. In the olden days, the monarch Obelia Lorraine was elected by suffrage; until Penelope Judith and Claude de Alger Obelia When he ascended the throne, just changed to hereditary and then the succession in order. Today, Obelia Lorraine is a parliamentary monarchy and the Queen is the performer of royal ceremonies and other activities; Political activities will be managed by the National Assembly. The current empress, Athanasia de Alger and Amellia Norah Floyen, ascended the throne on October 4, 2018 after the abdication of Emperor and Empress Claude de Alger Obelia and Penelope Judith.

A royal tradition spans generations to bestow names that mean immortality or eternity to the rightful heirs to the throne. Those who are of royal blood but do not have the right to inherit the throne are forbidden to receive this honor.

On October 4, 2018, this tradition was dropped whereby if the members of the royal family are too young to become kings and queens, then the younger brother of the Emperor and Empress will take over.

Empress of Obelia Lorraine
Empress of obelia lorraine (Lingua Franca Nova)
Imperatrice d'Obélia Lorraine (Corsican)
Imprìstina de Obelia Lorraine (Sardinian)
Oblees Lorraine laeg (Limburgish)
Greater coat of arms of Obelia Lorraine
Amellia Norah Floyen & Athanasia De Alger
since October 4, 2018
StyleHer Majesty
Heir apparentBeatrice Evelyn Ashet & Jennette De Margarita
Heir presumptiveAnastacius de Alger & Ijekiel Alpheus
First monarchKyilum de Alger & Aeternitas de Alger
Formation929; 1094 years ago (929)
ResidenceEmperor's Palace, Nancy, Obelia Lorraine (Accommodation and common activities)
Ruby Palace, Rouen, Obelia Lorraine(Summer)
Emerald Palace, Dahomey, Obelia Lorraine(Winter)
AppointerConstitution Obelia Lorraine