Empress of Moniyan

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Empress Moniyan or Queen Moniyan was the tyrannical and later constitutional empress of the Kingdom of Moniyan. This title was created in connection with Regarding the history of Vietnam as well as the Nguyen Phuc family, it is easy to explain why a kingdom like Moniyan the head of state is not the king or queen but the Emperor or Empress, it is because of historical factors as well as the lingering influences of the last dynasty of Vietnam, so Moniyan's current title is Empress, even though Moniyan is nominally a kingdom. The first person to hold this position was Henri of Luxembourg As Emperor of Moniyan and then Asuka Tenjoin. Asuka remained on the throne until 2018, then abdicated to give the throne to Kamui TV and Mèo Simmy. until October 4, 2018 Mèo Simmy and Kamui TV officially crowned but at that time the bill not allowing more than 2 heads of succession was still in effect in Moniyan so Alexis Rhodes continued in office until the February 6, 2022, when Noriko Haruko was officially repealed the bill and Moniyan restoring independence from Mondstadt.

Simmy and Kamui officially succeeded Alexis Rhodes as Empress. After a period of stabilizing the position of Empress, Noriko Haruko unanimously selected two regents of Moniyan, Sammy Đào and Ruby TV

Empress of Moniyan
Keizerin der Moniyan (Dutch)

Impératrice des Moniyan (French)

Kaizerin der Moniyan (German)
New royal coat of arms of Moniyan.png
Empress Simmy.jpg
Mèo Simmy
since February 6, 2022
Empress Kamui TV.jpg
Kamui TV
since February 6, 2022
StyleHer Majesty
Heir apparentSammy Đào & Ruby TV  Vietnam
First monarchHenri of Luxembourg  Luxembourg (As emperor of Moniyan until 2007)
Formation1515; 508 years ago (1515)
ResidenceLouvre Palace, Nemuro, Moniyan
AppointerRoyal Council of Moniyan
House of Baroque
Baroque royal house coat of arms.png
Parent houseHouse of Savoy
House of Habsburg (In Mondstadt)
Bourbon-Parma (in Moniyan)
CountryMondstadt and Moniyan
Place of originMondstadt and Moniyan
Founded1515; 508 years ago (1515)
FounderBarbatos and Knights of Favonius