Empire of Risuke

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The Empire of Risuke

We live to protect our own and our country, no matter the costs.
Capital cityFlenberg
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
- KingKing Tiberious
- Council HeadLord Reeves
- Rest Of councilKept secret for protection
Established7th May 2015
National sportFox Hunting
National dishNone currently
National drinkTea
National animalSnake

Risuke shares many Borders with the Royal Empire of Copan, It came from a previous micronation called Rebious. There has been recent trade and diplomatic agreements between Risuke and the Royal Empire of Copan.


Risuke is a fairly new Country as it recently rebeled from the Government of Rebious. Risuke falls under the ideology Reevism which has the fundemental idea that all citizens are allowed to go by in their daily lives and make their own choices but under the eyes of the government to secure safety and order in the nation. It also has right wing with a strong military but also a strong econnomy to support the citizens.

Foreign affairs


The Risukian army fights under the Kings banner and serve him above all, they are all grouped together as the royal Risukian soldier but have other divisions in there. They are commanded by General Ashers when King Tiberious is not there to take control.


Risuke only uses modern English from Britain and not America.


Lord Reeves: Gained noble hood through his loyalty to King Tiberious and supporting with the Risukian rebellion against Rebious. Lord Ford: Gained noble hood through their vast influence in the Risukian government. Lady Sham: Became a Lady through her support for the Risukian government.

King Tiberious

King Tiberious formed Risuke in a coup against the forrbiden king of Rebious and took over all his land to form the new Empire Of Risuke. King Tiberious is currently not betrothed and rules over his citizens with a watchful eye but allows them to make decisions and live their lives unless there is a crisis happening that affects the Empire. King Tiberious has currently been in power for 2 years and shall hand down his throne to the eldest son and then his son will form a new council to watch over the great empire.