Empire of Rebious

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King Unknown (Dead) leader of the empire of Rebious

Conquar and succseed
Capital cityFlenberg
Largest cityRinta
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Gosism
Area claimed3 parks, 5 houses 1 shared land, dirtty mountian
Time zoneUK time zone
National sportDuels
National animalCats

Breif History

Rebious was first a small dark guild that uses mostly dark magic. It was open to all that oneted to join but because of small land Rebious expanded and then was claimed as a nation. At first Rebious was tiny but there was a enemy in the mix. After one year of being a nation there was a uprising killing the first founder of Rebious all information was deleted of him. Then a few years after the fall of Rebious it was raised again and now Rebious is in a allience with the Royal Empire of Copan.


Rebious used to be at war with Fabon and a rebelion called The Kaka


Gosism is Rebious's religion it is about worshiping the god of clensing. They have no gender but to clens yourself you have to worship our god before you go for war by having "fun" with the special one this shows that even if you die you two will have a bond for the rest of your life. Our god has no name but they enjoy the happniess that they see and this cleans the soul of negitive emotions.