Empire of Narsiryn

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Empire of Narsiryn

National Flag

Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentExecutive constitutional monarchy
LegislatureGrand Council of Narsiryn
Establishment16 July 2021
• Census
CurrencyNarsiryn Credit
Time zoneGMT-7

The Empire of Narsiryn, more commonly known as Narsiryn, was a micronation located on the Pacific coast of North America. Narsiryn was founded on July 16, 2021, by King Wald of the Royal House of Narsiryn and was disbanded some time later.

Narsiryn was a Constitutional Monarchy, with two main powers the Monarch and The Grand Council. The Grand Council crafts and passes laws, which are then approved by the Monarch. The Council itself consists of three 'Nobles' who are chosen by the Monarch and six citizen-elected representatives.

Narsiryn kept an open mind when dealing with international relations. Narsiryn held multiple Alliances with other Micronations.



The Empire of Narsiryn was founded on July 16 of 2021. The Narsiryn Constitution was shortly crafted by King Wald after the founding. The Empire soon gained more Citizens and began developing there culture.

The Empire was disbanded in October 2021 and being replaced by a new state.

Politics and government


Narsiryn was led by the Monarch, who was the symbol and political head of the Nation. The Monarch of Narsiryn was essential for the workings of the Narsiryn government. The Monarch had the powers to Write new laws, Veto acts and laws, Approve Laws, to put in place Governors and other Government officials, including the 'Noble' members of the Grand Council.

Grand Council

The Grand Council was the Legislation of Narsiryn, laws and acts they pass are sent to the King who then approves or can Veto the Bill. The Grand council consists of 9 members, 6 elected by the people, 3 appointed by the monarch. Elections were held every month.

Law and order

The Imperial Court was the Highest enforcer of the Constitution, besides the Monarch. The Imperial Court consisted of multiple levels of Courts.

  • High Imperial Court - This was the highest level court, they are selected by the Monarch. There were a total of three members in this court.
  • Regional Court - This was the Court that operates in a defined national region. The members of this Court were appointed by the region's governor.
  • Local Court - This was the Court that operates at a local level, usually within a township. These courts were appointed by a committee chosen by the region's governor.

Foreign relations

The Empire of Narsiryn held multiple Alliances with other Micronations.


The Empire of Narsiryn had no standing Military, but a security force.

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