Emperor of Mondstadt

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Emperor of Mondstadt
Keizer der Mondstadt (Dutch)
Empereur des Mondstadt (French)
Kaiser der Mondstadt (German)
Royal coat of Mondstadt.png
Great coat of arms of Mondstadt, also the royal arms of Bulgaria.
Nicolas III

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent Kanzaki Mizuki
Beatrix Ellie
Heir presumptive Manya Atachi & Yuamu Ohdo
First monarch Michael I of Romania (until 1943)
Elizabeth II (until 2007)
Formation February 7, 1500; 523 years ago (1500-02-07)
Appointer Royal Council of Mondstadt
Residence New Tauride Palace, Hokuitō, Mondstadt
New Whitehall Palace, Hokuitō, Mondstadt (Summer)
New Ipatiev House, Hokuitō, Mondstadt (Winter)

Mondstadt monarchy is a constitutional monarchy Inspired by Imperial House of Japan. As such, the role and position of the Empress and Emperor is regulated by the Constitution of Mondstadt. Therefore, a large part of it is devoted to the Empress and Emperor. About a third of the documents explain succession, the mechanism of accession and abdication of the throne, and the roles and duties of the Empress and Emperor. This includes the procedures for communication between the States and the role of the Empress and Emperor in the making of laws.

The Kingdom of Mondstadt had been an independent monarchy since 16 March 1815, but its once sovereign provinces were ruled continuously by members of the Kingdom and later the kingdom of the Netherlands. 1559 until Luna I of the Baroque became the first empress of the Principality of Mondstadt, until 1747.

Luna became the leader of the Mondstadt Uprising and independent Principality of Mondstadt. As a forerunner, she was followed by several of her descendants. In 1747, the function of Empress became a hereditary position in all the provinces of the Duchy of Mondstadt thus she inherited the Baroque House until 1800. It was not until 1927 that Michael I officially took over Mondstadt when Mondstadt was under the Romanian protectorate before being taken over by the Soviet Union in 1943, upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union Mondstadt was protected by the United Kingdom as a crown dependent state, Elizabeth II then took over Mondstadt from the Soviet Union until 6 February 2007

The cycle of Emperor is described in the first part of Chapters 2 and 5 of the Constitution of Mondstadt. Haruko Noriko are Emperor of Mondstadt as of February 7, 2007 and after October 3, 2018 When the social republic of Victorialand officially disbanded.