Nicolas III of Mondstadt

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Haruko Noriko (royal name: Nicolas) was the first emperor of Mondstadt kingdom.

He was born into a family with royal bloodlines as both his paternal and maternal relatives are the King and Queen.

He has a rather special hobby that no diplomat dares to do, which is to visit countries and national governments in the United Nations and micro-states and micro-national governments.

Currently, Mondstadt Kingdom micro-states that Noriko Haruko is managing has not established diplomatic relations with any official and micro countries

He was described by New York time as the Emperor with the strangest hobby in the world

But emperor Noriko Haruko said that states have things that micro-states can't do and similarly micro-states have things that states can't really do.

He also thinks that current micro-states are still very young compared to the long-standing countries that exist on the world map, but who knows,one day in the future, these micro-states will be independent and chosen by the United Nations, then they will come up with solutions to help improve the current situation.

He believes that what today's nations cannot do, but micro-states can do, is to maintain civilization, peace and prosperity.

Noriko Haruko believes that most micro-states rulers are people born in 1952 or later and these people all have extensive knowledge of micro-states and have fought in many places.

He is also a tolerant person who always lets MattL or Varuna Sriraya, Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra, Editing his post spontaneously without any complaints, but not because of that, he considers it a means to declare war on them or let them rob the country, but rather the conversation between them. with him for example Sriraya told him not to post pictures more than 800px he immediately absorbed and made adjustments later or MattL advised him not to post cartoon pictures in the article he also agreed , he was a bit annoyed with those two at first, but Mèo Simmy explained to him that: They're just doing what's best for you and don't want you to make the same mistake again like the micro-states on the list What not to do, since then he declared neutrality and then he applied Vietnam's "bamboo diplomacy"

since then he start negotiated peace on the basis of mutual respect between the two sides and maintaining independence and sovereignty, treating all micro-states equally.

After two unofficial nickname changes, in early September 2022 Haruko Noriko chose the nickname Nicolas III as his royal nickname, he claiming that the reason he chose this name was because: Having the first N coincide his name and because he is a fan of the main character of the movie King of the Belgiums, that's why he chose this name

After Christmas Eve, his mother advised him to go back to church, confess and receive Holy Communion because he had missed Sunday Mass for more than 3 years due to concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, scheduled for Saturday. Then he will be at the Church to attend Mass and confess his sins in accordance with the rites of the Baroque and the House of Habsburg, his goal in the future is to take care of the children along with the catechists

The Emperor of Mondstadt is said to be quite tolerant and benevolent towards royalism, communism, socialism and Marxism, if anyone said communism was dictatorial Nicolas III would not countered immediately, to which he would slowly say, "If you've betrayed communism, then your liberalism has a big problem to deal with."

Nicolas III of Mondstadt
Grand duke of Cilicia - Emperor of Mondstadt
Emperor of Mondstadt
Heir apparentKanzaki Mizuki
Beatrix Ellie
Chancellor of MondstadtMaria Himesato
Niko Nakano
First reignFebruary 7, 2007 - February 9, 2017
PredecessorMichael I of Romania  Romania
SuccessorMakabe Masamune-Kun  South Korea
Second reignOctober 3, 2018 - Currently
CoronationNovember 1, 2018
PredecessorMakabe Masamune-Kun  South Korea
BornFebruary 8, 1994 (1994-02-08) (age 30)
Shizuoka city, Shizuoka,  Japan
Noriko Haruko
春子典子 (Japanese)
Posthumous name
Nicolas III
HouseBaroque royalty
SignatureNicolas III of Mondstadt's signature


Although a fairly easy-going person, but Haruko is also quite stubborn in protecting his country, he takes the model of the Vietnamese government as the basis for protecting culture and ideology, avoiding riots and war,

he always learns ideas and background from the micro nations different and as well as the micro wiki community and sets the next and future goals of Mondstadt and its people.

Legendary saying

"The inspiration for me to create my article and join micronationalism is thanks to this video "

- Haruko Noriko -

(Before engaging in micronationalism)

" I have to thank MattL and very much, thanks to them, I know what is right and wrong when editing my article."

- Haruko Noriko -