Elsanor Development Committee

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Elsanor Development Committee was a board of trustees selected by the King of Elsanor to manage the investments and subsidiary companies of the National Reserve Fund.

The National Reserve Fund was established in 2014 as an independent investment company aiming to strengthen the local economy through strategic investments, while maximizing long-run returns for its ultimate shareholder; the people of Elsanor. It was funded with donations from several prominent citizens of Elsanor, and first envisioned by James I. King Eric I served as Chairman of the company from its incorporation in January 2014 until its dissolution in July 2018.


  • Chairman: King Eric I
  • Vice Chairman: Lord Pierce
  • Secretary: Lord Wagner
  • Treasurer: Lord Aubrey


In October 2016, its assets had an estimated value of USD $105,000. In May 2018, just two months prior to Elsanor's dissolution in July 2018, the committee oversaw more than USD $140,000 in assets.

The NRF’s wholly owned subsidiaries included:

  • Kingdom of Elsanor Trust
  • Elsanor National
  • Elsanor Farms

In July 2018, the promulgation of the National Resource Reallocation Agreement by King Eric I resulted in the total dispersal of the National Reserve Fund's assets, as well as the de facto disbandment of the Elsanor Development Committee.