Eleytherian Monarchy

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The Eleytherian Monarchy is watched over by the Eleytherian Imperial Family, of which the Emperor is a member.

Line of Succession

  1. HIM Emperor Charles I, GOC, GNOC, SCOJ, AOHT
  2. HMH Crown Prince William I, GOC, HNOC, GCOJ, MOHT
  3. HIH Archduke Dorian, GOC, GCOJ, MOHT
  4. HIH Archduchess Mary-Anne, GOC, GCOJ, MOHT
  5. HH Duke Kingsley I, KOC, SOHT
  6. HH Duke John I, KOC, SOHT
  7. TH&N Count Henry McPherson, KOC
  8. Rt Hon Lord Vaughn McPherson, KOC
  9. Rt Hon Lord Michael Phelps, KOC
  10. Rt Hon Lady Carla McPherson, DOC
  11. Rt Hon Lady Amanda Phelps, DOC
  12. Hon Sir Andrew Hendersley, KOC