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Sociocratic Republic of Egizara (English)
República Sociocrática de Egizara (Spanish)

National emblem

The Only Truth Is Reality.
Capital cityEibar
Largest cityEgarius
Official language(s)Spanish and English
For communications, protocol and diplomacy
Official religion(s)Catholicism, Agnosticism and Apatheism
GovernmentUnitary Sociocratic Republic
- General CoordinatorGotzon Sahats
LegislatureCongress of Egizara
Area claimed2km2 (estimate)
Population5 active
Time zoneCentral European Summer Time (UTC+2)
National dishWhite Rice
National drinkBeer with Lemon
National animalDobermann
Patron saintSaint Mark the Evangelist

Official Web Site of Egizara Official Twitter of Egizara

The Sociocratic Republic of Egizara (Spanish: República Sociocrática de Egizara), is a micronation claiming sovereignty over Ego River. Founded in 2018, the objectives of the nation are to guarantee the preservation and dissemination of national arts and sciences. The capital and only territory of Egizara is Egarius, with an active population of 5 persons.


The name "Egizara" is an adaptation of the Ego River, as it passes through Eibar.

System of Government

Egizara develops a society based on the absence of a Government or State that directs it, based on the antistate organization on the fundamental principles of non-aggression, on the establishment of social norms of coexistence based on voluntary agreements, and on the rejection of the legitimacy of any imposition by force.

Every citizen of Egizara is free to decide if he wants to carry out any activity and with whom he wishes to carry it out. Therefore, all Egizarians are free to celebrate any event without being able to receive any tax from the rest.


Egizara is organized in circles. There can be as many circles as necessary.

Circles are people who manage their affairs autonomously, although the purpose or mission of a circle is established by the directly superior circle.

Each circle is responsible for its own work management processes, for evaluating the implementation of the decisions made and for resolving possible conflicts.

The formation and continuous learning of circle members is considered part of the group's shared responsibility.

Each circle establishes its own rhythm of meeting according to its decision-making needs.

The decision-making structure must include all members of the organization.

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The person in charge of a circle is chosen by the upper level circle and will be called Coordinator. A second person, necessarily different from the previous one, is chosen by the circle to participate in the higher level circle and to give or not consent to the decisions made there. These two people are full members of both circles.

The Conclave

The absolute majority of the census of Egizarenses will be able to summon the Conclave if there are serious risks for the stability and survival of Egizara.

The Congress

The Congress will be constituted by the three oldest citizens of Egizara.

The Congress is the highest level circle in Egizara.

The functions of the Congress will be to prepare the bills that must be submitted to the approval of the Conclave, carry out the procedures for infringement of the law or loss of citizenship, as well as dismiss the Coordinators for incapacity, incompetence or discharge. treason.