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Education is a vital part of any nation, falling under one of Calliduesceptruisms three Protected Functions, propagation. It is a necessity for a serious, industrious nation, to make sure they produce well learned and qualified citizens, to continue to work and progress. As such, Scientopia has begun building several institutions for the education of Scientopians and Any other members of the micronational community. On completion of courses, Scientopian institutions hand out so-called SCES, or Standard Certificates of Education in Scientopia, an award also recognised by Sandefreikstan and New Europe

Insitutions so far

Scientopia Science Education Institute
BurnBike Thinking.jpg
Location: Online
Established: 23 July 2009
Head: Undecided
Number Of Staff 1 confirmed, Another pending 1
Nationality Scientopian
Students Currently Unconfirmed

The SSEI, or Scientopian Science Education institute offer SCESes in; Basic Science, Consisting of;

  • Basic Biology, in the modules;
    • The Human Cell
    • Organelles and their functions
    • Food webs
    • Pyramids of Biomass
    • Enzymes
    • Evolution
    • Abiogenesis
  • Basic Physics in the modules;
    • Laws of Motion
    • Heat Transfer
    • Forces
    • The fundamental forces
    • Laws of Gravity
    • Pressure
    • Light and the electromagnetic spectrum
    • Energy
  • Basic Chemistry in the modules;
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Atomic Structure
    • Halogens
    • Calcogens
    • Pnictogens
    • Bonds and their properties
    • Electrolysis, ions and precipitation reactions