Education in Cheslovia

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Education is generally not provided by Cheslovia, citizens of Cheslovia study at educational facilities maintained, funded and manned by the United Kingdom. During the time of the Principality of Kaznia, two universities were established in June 2008, these universities, for the most part, only exist on paper as they do not have their own buildings, the Musorov Kremlin can be considered the building of the University of Musorov, and a building in Valdisia can be considered the University of Serovostok.

University of Musorov

The University of Musorov was founded by Urosh Dushanov, at the time, he wanted to educate Cheslovian citizens about Cheslovia, and micronationalism in general. The university specialises in:

  • History of Cheslovia
  • Politics of Cheslovia
  • Cheslovian Languages

University of Serovostok

The University of Serovostok specialises in non micronational subjects, including:

  • European history
  • Russian politics
  • EU History
  • British politics
  • German history
  • Lithuanian history
  • Estonian history

The Universties Today

Both univesities have had a major impact on Cheslovian citizens, many of whom know much more about the micronational communty. Prior to the establishment of the universities, regular citicens knew nothing of very little of the micronational community, only the government knew. The University of Musorov is also credited for teaching the Cheslovian language to citizens, many of whom know enough vocabulary to speak a regular conversation in the language.