Duchy of Carlington

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Duchy of Carlington
Official language(s) English, West Germanic
Capital TBC
Date founded 10th July 2011 CE (21. Møtmuunts 2261 RE)
Number of citizens 0
Number of active citizens 0
Government TBC
Current leader Formerly Duke George X
National animal TBC

The Duchy of Carlington, formerly the Province of Carlington, was a constituent duchy of the Kingdom of West Germania, admitted on 10 July 2011 (21. Møtmuunts 2261 RE). The Duchy was landlocked by the Midwest of the United States of America, situated in a rural environment with hills and ponds. When west germania joined Nemkhavia, the Duchy was dissestablished.


The Duchy retains its own elected government, with George X as the Duke in the constitutional monarchy. All citizens in the Duchy of Carlington had the right to participate in West Germanic affairs and the Duke has a permanent seat.