Drakayan Republic

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Dorzhabadic Antarctica
Drakaja flag1.png

Languages spoken English

Area 168,000Mi2

Jurisdiction Dorzhabadic Government
Governor Daniel Morris

Foundation Late January, 2010

Websites Official Website

Establishing the first Dorzhabadic Colony in Overseas

The Confederacy of Dorzhabadic Colonies was an alliance of Dorzhabadic Powers in the continent, The CDCA was an extension of the Dictatorship's arm with no indepentant government or vassal system, however The Confederacy was treated as a Constituent Region in the Dorzhabadic Overseas Empire, with a functioning Confederate Assembly Bolstering Half a Dozen Members and Ministers, and The Assembly's President was Cameron Martin, Grand Duke of Maria

Under the Dorzhabadic Parliamentary Republic, it is an administrative consituent region controlled by the Prime Minister's Office

After the Collapse of the UAC (United Antarctica Colonies) Dorzhabad received 'Coronation' Island from them. Roughly at the same time, The then 'Republic of Dorzhabad' claimed a large area on the Wilkins coast leading up to Ellsworth land. totalling 168,000 sq miles, which at this moment rivals the European Territory controlled by the Kingdom of Spain.