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The Kingdom of Parklandia or informally, Parklandia, is a micronation located 15 miles west of Pittsburgh and it has two districts: Viridis and Proin. It is a monarchy with the ruler being King Reagan since it foundation. Parklandia has been an independent micronation since 25 March 2019 when the king declared its independence. Parklandia now claims the town of Leetsdale and Boro Park.

The capital of Parklandia is the town of Park Junction. It holds the Grill of Freedom and the confrence table. It holds one of two districts, Proin. Park Junction is also the capital of Proin. The capital of Viridis is Green Plains.


The district names Viridis and Proin mean are Latin for Green and Urban and the name Parklandia is named after Boro Park, where the capital is.


Parklandia is mainly flat with Proin being at a higher elevation. Park Junction is at a lower elevation than most of proin and most of Park Junction is surrounded by tire scrap. Two trees lay on the inside of the great gate while the other is on the outside. There is also the concrete hump in the middle of the road where the main bridge used to be. a


The Flag of Parklandia is a Green,White, and Blue Tricolor with a tree in the middle. The Green stands for the lush green woods that used to surround the nation, the White stands for peace and prosperity. The Blue stands for the tire scrap which the capital is set on. the tree in the middle symbolizes the wildlife that lives their.