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Their Excellency, Their Holiness, The Most Noble, Their Royal Highness, Their Imperial Majesty
Ĉiopova I
Ĉiopova de Brikakastelo-Vindelano
Coat of arms of Ĉiopova I
Coat of arms of Ĉiopova I
Empress of Wyndela
Reĝi19 September 2023 (2023-09-19) — present
Sankta Vindelano-Kronado (Holy Wyndelan Coronation)31 March 2024 (Scheduled)
PredecessorTitle established
Heir apparentPrince Feroco of Ivwell
31 May (Unknown year)
Nottingham, United Kingdom w:United Kingdom
Ĉiopova Sankta Moŝto Rozo de Brikakastelo-Vindelano
Era name and dates
Rise of Wyndelan Destiny or Pliiĝo de Vindelano Destino: 2023 - present
HouseHouse of Brikakestelo-Vindelano
FatherReĝa Patro de Ĉiopova (Royal Father)
MotherReĝa Patrino de Ĉiopova (Royal Mother)
  • Head of State
  • Politician
  • Campaigner

Ĉiopova I (Ĉiopova Sankta Moŝto Rozo de Brikakastelo-Vindelano; born 31 May (Unknown year)) is the Empress and head of state of Feudal Wyndela since its inception in 2023.

They were born in Nottingham, United Kingdom and were involved in the Wyndelan Government prior to the Thorn Revolution. After the death of Princeps I, they rose to the top in the interim government.

On 18 September 2023 (2023-09-18) Ĉiopova was appointed Empress of Wyndela by the interim government's Committee for Monarchial Reconstruction.

Early life

Ĉiopova was born at City Hospital in Nottingham, United Kingdom, to Reĝa Patro and Reĝa Patrino (Royal Father and Royal Mother). They have a younger brother, Prince Feroca, Lord of Ivwell. They lived their early life in Nottingham, before moving to Wyndela in late 2022.

Political Career

After moving to Wyndela shortly after it was founded, they worked their way high up in the Coalition (the Wyndelan Government at the time), and was trusted by Princeps I. Ĉiopova was promoted to Prime Minister, and became popular due to them often criticizing Princeps' tyranny. During the Thorn Revolution, they fled from Zamenhofgrad back to the UK, but returned only hours later after being asked to become Monarch, due to the Interim Government viewing them as a good fit for the role.


On 18 September 2023 (2023-09-18), Ĉiopova assumed the duties of Empress of Wyndela following the Thorn Revolution bring an effective reset to Wyndelan society. They were voted in by the Committee for Monarchial Reconstruction, a group of 5 senior Wyndelan politicians who had roughly two hours to decide on the country's future, as mandated by the Calewan Union.

The beginning of their reign was dedicated to the reversal of many laws passed by Princeps I, such as the Emergency Powers Act 2022, which led to people being imprisoned without trial. Additionally, they were responsible for reforming Wyndela back towards democracy. At the time, many Wyndelans still supported the GWSPP, and so, a new party was created, the People's Party, which served as a left-leaning party, and the Wyndelan National Party, a right-wing party. A new post of Commander-in-Chief was established, with Douglas I serving as the first holder of the post.

Beginning on 1 December 2023 (2023-12-01), they pushed for further Metrification of Wyndelan society, and changing all signs around the nation to be in metric measurements only.

On 12 December 2023 (2023-12-12), they appointed Prince Feroca, Lord of Ivwell as their heir apparent.

Official duties

They act as a Wyndelan representative to the Calewan Union, as well as meeting with other micronational leaders often.

Personal arms

As the head of the House of Brikakestelo-Vindelano, Ĉiopova is allowed to bear the Wyndelan coat of arms as their own. However, it is tradition amongst Wyndelan royalty to have a differing coat of arms. With the main shield taking colours from the Wyndelan flag, the central area also contains a castle and a book. This is to represent the importance of knowledge in the Royal Household. The shield is supported by a Dragon, representing traditional aspects of Wyndela, and a goat, to represent unconventional aspects of the House.

Personal life

Ĉiopova is a Socialist and also a British Republican. They are also in suppport of a Two-state, peaceful solution between Israel and Palestine. They were involved in micronationalism from around 2019, with Wyndela being their first endeavour in leading one.

They can speak 3 languages, English, Esperanto, and Spanish. They are interested in learning Toki Pona. They are also interested in linguistics, Geography, graphic design, and public transport.

Ĉiopova has Autism, and also identifies as Queer.

Styles, titles, honours and arms

Styles of
Empress Ĉiopova I
Reference styleTheir Excellency, Their Holiness, The Most Noble, Their Serene Highness, Their Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Excellency, Your Holiness, The Most Noble, Your Serene Highness, Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative styleYour Serene Highness or Your Imperial Majesty (to be used in short form)


The official style of Ĉiopova is "Their Excellency, Their Holiness, The Most Noble, Their Serene Highness, Their Imperial Majesty". This somewhat unwieldy term is an holdover from the formation of the Monarchy, when many old pre-revolution titles were merged and given to Ĉiopova as an easy fix to Princeps' complicated and extensive noble system. However, most commonly, they are referred to simply as "Your Imperial Majesty".


The long official title of Ĉiopova I is:

Their Excellency, Their Holiness, The Most Noble, Their Royal Highness, Their Imperial Majesty Ĉiopova Sankta Moŝto Rozo de Brikakastelo-Vindelano The First, The Empress of Wyndela, Duke of Pinarbo, Guardian of Adaklif.

The long title is rarely used, even in official capacities and is essentially only used at official events, e.g. the Koronado. The most commonly used title is the shortened version:

Their Imperial Majesty Ĉiopova The First, The Empress of Wyndela.

National honours

Standards and arms

Personal coat of arms
(2023 – present)
Cypher of the House of Brikakastelo-Vindelano
(2023 – present)
Personal standard
(2024 – present)


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