Double Monarchy of Denmark

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The Double Monarchy of Denmark is an unregistered monarchy, in the middle part of Jutland, in Denmark. It has existed since the beginning of the year 2010. It is a so called double-monarchy which means that there are two royal leaders, in this situation Emperor Simon I of Denmark and King Samuel I of Denmark.

The Double-monarchy of Denmark

Motto: Dobbeltmonarkiet Danmark - friheden til at vælge.

National Anthem: Invader Zim theme

Official language

Danish and hottentot



Date founded

1/1 2010

Number of citizens on claimed ground


Number of active citizens


Area Claimed

1300,99 km²


Kroner (DKKR)



Current leaders

Emperor Simon I of Denmark, King Samuel I of Denmark

National animal


National fruit/food


National drink

Faxe Kondi (Local soda)

National Sport

Inkininki (Ball game) or Timesplitters


Red: The Double-monarchy of Denmark, grey: Denmark

The Double-monarchy of Denmark claims an area of total 1300,99 km², but have the executive power for over 825 km².

The claimed area is the two municipalities 'Silkeborg Kommune' and 'Skanderborg Kommune' (see the map).



Emperor: Emperor Simon I of Denmark

King: King Samuel I of Denmark

Queen: Nana S. S. of Galten

General: Oliver X

Propagandaminister: Oliver Tall

Financial minister: Mike A.

Minister of Trafic: Karljonas N.


-No racism, sexism, homophobia or hard drugs.

-Do not kill.

-Do not steal.

-Do not listen to Celine Dion.

-Cannabis and alcohol is allowed to everyone.

-Respect and protect the Emperor and King.

-Gambling is allowed.

-You must own an economic vehicle (Shoes, bicycles, wheelbarrels etc.)

-Live and let live.

-Respect everybody, even the people you hate, because they are human too.

-The royals can do whatever they feel like.

Law Enforcers

The law is enforced by the people itself; there is no official police-squad.


The Double-monarchy of Denmark is so far officially recognized by:


  • 1. January 2010 - the Double-monarchy of Denmark secedes from Denmark
  • 1. April 2010 - the Double-monarchy of Denmark becomes member of the League of Secessionist States.


The flag

The flag, "nice-brog", is designed by the emperor himself. The flag is very alike the danish flag 'Dannebrog', but on this flag the letters 'GP' are printed. The 'GP' stands for 'Gris & Pæst', which are the codenames of the king and the emperor.



Alot of music is known as double-danish. As en example the techno-duo ToEnigheden, where the king and the emperor are the musicians, and the punk-band Skråplan are two bands known as double-danish cultural music.


Every March the celebretion-month, 'Zim March', is held.


The national sport of the Double-monarchy of Denmark is the ball game, Inkininki, where you have to throw a ball, perfectly vertical, up in the air. The judges choose the winner. But also many other sports are being played in the Double-monarchy of Denmark: Ping pong, rugby, soccer, dancing and many other sports.

Sport Stars of the monarchy

Inkininki: Garfield Prop Juul

Ping pong: Karljonas N.

Soccer: Steen R. Jelle

Dancing: Steen R. Jelle


Due to the small amount of soldiers, the Double-monarchy of Denmark is not a great military-nation.


The soldiers of the Double-monarchy of Denmark don't fight with weapons, but instead they are educated as cybersoldiers. Cybersoldiers are soldiers fighting in computergames such as:

  • Left4Dead
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Counter Strike
  • Empire Earth
  • Call of Duty
  • and many others.

The cybersoldiers' training program, known as the "Gamer-aften", is a monthly 24-hours training program where the soldiers does nothing but playing online war games.


  • 30. March 2010 - The Double-monarchy of Denmark stated themselves as neutral in the Austenasian Civil War, when Emperor Simon I said: "I feel no need to wage war against other micronations. This war ... is unnecessary."
  • 1. May 2010 - The Double-monarchy repealed their neutrality in the war, when Emperor Simon I of Denmark said "The Double-monarchy of Denmark is no longer neutral in the war. We now proclaim that we will fight both the alliances, until the war is over. I am tired of hearing about the war. We will stop the war, by stopping you. Everybody who is neutral, follow along with us! We are THE AGRESSIVE NEUTRALISTS."