Dolmenian Army

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Dolmenian Army (English)
Dolmanische Leger (Dutch)
Established January 3, 2017
Country Dolmanian flag.png The United Republic of Dolmenia
Previous engagements None
Current engagements None
Commanders-in-chief None
General Officer Reserved
General information
Headquarters None official
Active personnel Reserved
Standard weapon Reserved
Standard vehicles Reserved

The Army and the Airforce of the Dolmnenians are named together The Dolmenian Army . The military and air base takes place in the North of the Greate Inagua Island. because of the country, full of is going to get rid of towns and villages. This army would like to get help from the soldiers from the United States, Canada and Brazil, to put together a strong army. They would also like to learn a lot from the U.S. Army. In the Dolmenian army is Not Only English spoken. There is also Dutch spoken. And the Dutch name of the Dolmenian Army is 'De Dolmanische Leger'.

The work of military, air force and army


Secure the streets against Crime, Terrorist attacks, pedophiles and sexual assault.

Air force

Bombing (air attack) on towns of the enemies or Rebels/Terrorists.


Going to war places/countries for a mission and fighting against Enemies or rebels/terrorists.

The Army wants those things

The Dolmenians want also defense his country. but, what is the point?

Stay Allies, friends and still have cooperation with..

The Dolmenians want to be the Allies and friends of the United States and England, but also with Canada and Israel. And they always work together with the US and England.

Why do Dolmenia need an Military and Army?

Because in Dolmenia they speak English and Dutch. but this country wants to be a good friend of the United States, England and Canada. And in Dolmenia they're scared by Crime and terrorism.