Divvy Territory

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Divvy Teriitory

Motto: Lex , Pacis quod Justicia

(English: Law, Peace and Justice)

Anthem: Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

Cannington, Western Australia; Kewdale, Western Australia; Queens Park, Western Australia

Capital City Balinesia
Population: 2
Date of foundation: 22 August 2009
Leadership: Timucin, Count of Divvy Territory 
Language: English; Turkish
Demonym: Divvian
Currency: Rizjan palm


Divvy Territory was established on 22 August 2009 and consists of five counties: Crippleton, Downer EDi Rail - Kewdale, Park of Relaxation, Plaq and Rabbit Hutch.


Crippleton and Plaq are located in Cannington, Park of Relaxation and Rabbit Hutch are located in Queens Park and Downer EDi Rail - Kewdale is located in Kewdale. The capital Balinesia is located in Rabbit Hutch. Some major landmarks include Ev and the Canning River Rehabilitation.


The premier of Divvy Territory is Timucin Aydogdu. He was appointed on 22 August 2009 by King David. Aydogdu currently resides in Balinesia.

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